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House of the Professors

The architect Juan de Herrera carried out this project, the House of the Professors, in 1583. This was the first building to be built outside the Monastery grounds, and was to provide accommodation for the teachers of art and theology at the College, as being lay teachers they could not reside in the Convent.

The construction took place on land that was at a quite considerably higher level than the Monastery, and this meant that Juan de Herrera had to create a containing wall to deal with this difference in height. This has given rise to the importance for the town of the house, as it was the origin of what would be the first street in the locality, now Floridablanca.

The house had a rectangular floor plan, on two levels, and is divided into three dwellings that internally are completely independent from each other as dwellings. At the end of the 19th century, an additional floor was added.

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