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San Lorenzo de El Escorial ofrece el clima, la tranquilidad y los servicios necesarios para disfrutar de los días de descanso y ocio que todos merecemos.
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Madrid (España)
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+034 918 905 313
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Luis Ceballos Arboretum

Pista Forestal del monte Abantos s/n

+34 918 982 132

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Located on the slopes of Monte Abantos, the centre provides an insight into the regional ecosystems, traditional forestry practices and the interrelationship between the mountains and their surroundings. Those wishing to walk there should follow the signposted route of barely 2.2 km.

The Luis Ceballos Arboretum is a living museum covering 3.8 hectares, with over 250 different species of trees and shrubs native to the Iberian Peninsula and Balearic Islands. It has areas focusing on forestry culture and flora, as well as thematic self-guided tours.

Visitors are free to enter whenever the Centre is open. Scheduled activities are also staged.

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