Logotipo San Lorenzo del Escorial
San Lorenzo de El Escorial ofrece el clima, la tranquilidad y los servicios necesarios para disfrutar de los días de descanso y ocio que todos merecemos.
C/ Grimaldi, 4
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Madrid (España)
(+034) 918 905 313
+034 918 905 313
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Royal Monastery

This is a paid app developed by the National Heritage body. Use this official audio guide to discover the past and present of the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial, through videos, historical images, high-resolution photographs and 360° footage. Choose the route best suited to your interests and the time available! It also includes subtitles, videos in sign language and audio description for visually impaired people. Step inside the “eighth wonder of the world”, an epithet which El Escorial has subsequently shared with such outstanding monuments as the Taj Mahal, the Statue of Liberty and the Great Wall of China. The Spanish National Heritage body is responsible for the upkeep of this outstanding complex. We hope you enjoy your visit!

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