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San Lorenzo de El Escorial ofrece el clima, la tranquilidad y los servicios necesarios para disfrutar de los días de descanso y ocio que todos merecemos.
C/ Grimaldi, 4
28200 San Lorenzo de El Escorial
Madrid (España)
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+034 918 905 313
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Notable trees


Route 1: 930 m. Route 2: 800 m


Route 1: 30 min. Route 2: 25 min

Degree of difficulty


The municipality is home to a number of trees of great interest.

On Plaza de Jacinto Benavente stand two majestic Spanish firs over a century old (1 and 2). The courtyard of the Chapel of Our Lady of Grace of the Second House of Offices has a beautiful chestnut tree (3). Another two centuries-old Spanish firs stand in the courtyards of the First House of Offices (4 and 5), alongside a Himalayan cedar more than 150 years old (6). The area known as the Park is home to an almond tree aged some 125 years (7), a cedar of Lebanon (8) and a horse chestnut (9). At the entrance to the La Ballestería residential development an Atlas cedar stands, visible from Plaza de la Virgen de Gracia, while the Felipe II children’s play area features another centuries-old umbrella pine (11). The Abantos Residential Development contains an intriguing Japanese pagoda tree (12)

Within the grounds of the Adolfo Suárez Park – RCU Escorial María Cristina stand a particularly rare Virginia juniper (13), and an ancient cedar of Lebanon dating back more than a hundred years (14), as well as two centuries-old horse chestnuts (15 and 16). On Plaza de los Alamillos there stands an Atlas cedar (17) and three centuries-old Himalayan cedars (18, 19 and 20).

The notable trees to be found in the Gardens of the House of the Prince include a cedar of Lebanon aged 150 years with an outstanding trunk (21), a grey pine (22) and two centuries-old Jeffrey’s pines (23 and 24), while the Gardens of the House of the Heir Apparent in El Escorial are home to two Caucasian firs (25 and 26), a Spanish fir (27), and two splendid giant sequoias (28 and 29).

Down Calleja Larga towards Santa María del Buen Aire stands the Ash Tree of La Herrería (30). Within the grounds of the Royal Golf Club of La Herrería there is a Pyrenean oak (31). As you arrive at the Seat of Felipe II, to the right of the steps you will see a Montpellier maple standing over 10 metres high (32). Following the ecology track, close to the La Reina Spring there are two splendid chestnut trees aged approximately 245 and 195 years (33 and 34), and on the El Castañar estate, a small-leaved linden (35).

At the foot of Abantos, alongside the Los Llanillos shelter, there stands a magnificent elm tree (36).

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