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San Lorenzo de El Escorial ofrece el clima, la tranquilidad y los servicios necesarios para disfrutar de los días de descanso y ocio que todos merecemos.
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House of D. Felipe Díaz Bamonte

Turismo San Lorenzo de El Escorial / House of D. Felipe Díaz Bamonte

It is the best-known private work carried out by Juan Esteban and the one showing the best architectural quality, proven by the regular proportions, decoration and clarity of the internal lay-out of the building. Esteban, busy with official assignments in different Royal Estates, designed and directed the works of some individually-owned houses in San Lorenzo.

In 1771 Felipe Díaz Bamonte, in charge of the furniture and keys of the Royal Palace, built this building to rent out to the Court during the Royal Visits.

The house is located next to a square which used to be called Plazuela de la Fuente del Caño Gordo, nowadays Plaza de San Lorenzo. Its façades make up a perfect parallelogram, with the main and secondary façades oriented towards the north and south respectively. A three-storey building, its walls are of masonry with lime, the corners and decoration are of granite stonework and the façades were divided uniformly with equal openings.

The building has undergone numerous transformations over the years. For example, the openings in the upper floor were torn down and converted into balconies. Inside the building, the lodgings are only differentiated by the number of rooms, which are laid out according to different needs.

In 1993 the façade was restored and the roof was repaired.

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